About Us

Opened in May 2012, Ezham Suvai Vegetarian Restaurant serves Trichy with the fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisines.  We distinguish ourselves as one of the very few restaurants specializing in Indian Food.  The Best of both Worlds,  Fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisines are making inroads in Trichy,  a recent article featured in Trichy Chronicle provides insight to the raising popularity of North Indian,South Indian ,Chinese ,Jain ,Tandoori food in Trichy.

“It is my dream come true to serve Indian ,Jain and Chinese food in Trichy”, says Mr.Senthil & Mr.Sathish ,, Owner/Chef of Ezham Suvai Vegetarian Restaurant.  We  carries more than 10 years of culinary experience serving North and South Indian cuisines in Trichy.

Ezham Suvai Vegetarian Restaurant is the place where you can bring your families and friends to enjoy our great selection of quality food from our Thali Meals, or from our Menu which offers wide varieties of vegetarian, or just a cup of fresh Indian Chai, Ezham Suvai Vegetarian Restaurant offers it all.

Come, Explore and Enjoy the experience !

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